Promotion of Services or Products

Q: How can this website promote my services or product and engage with potential customers?

A:  When we advertise not just the name of Lydell is promoted, your content is referred to by the company as a whole as what customers are seeking.  We also feature more popular services and products on the site's landing page base on views.

Outside Communication With Sellers

Q: Will I be able to communicate with sellers outside of Lydell after purchase on this site?

A:  We highly discourage communication off site as we will not be able to monitor all collaboration between seller and customer to ensure work is done completely as well as delivered within the guidelines.

Seller Rates

Q:  As a seller am I able to set my own rate and hours?

A:  Yes we encourage you to set your rates at what you feel your time or product is worth.  We just ask that you set prices that are realistic in order to draw in customers and give them a reason to be return clients.

Deals & Discounts

Q:  Can Sellers who continue to bring in new business provide exclusive deals or discounts for repeat customers?

A:  Absolutely!  We like to see customer satisfaction practices being implemented by our sellers.  You are free to incentivize your product or service as you see fit in order to encourage loyalty and attract more referrals.