What drives the launch of a platform like that of Lydell is a need for those in a community that understand what a better tomorrow can look like when we pool our resources, creativity and innovation.

For generations our talents have pushed through boundaries to take center stage in multiple genres, industries, communities of higher learning.  We have been able to provide but still haven't tapped into these resources for ourselves.

Lydell can be the opportunity that Black freelancers, independent contractors, artists, and content creators to seize their financial futures.  As our history has shown us, we as a community can take control of our own destinies whenever we begin to focus inward.



Lydell's story, as with many others that achieved distinct recognition, begins with a single individual.  Braxton Willis sought to create a platform that could be scalable for the purpose of helping others realize their dream of being their own boss.  

Lydell is more than just a website where providers can monetize their talents, it is a place where sellers can build a community where they can network to enhance and grow their endeavors.

As Braxton continues to secure and grow his dream of empowering our community in taking hold of their financial futures, we seek to provide the much needed services for all to use across the globe.